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Smooth out your emotions

Education. Wisdom. Awareness


Overcome! Anxiety Groups and 1:1


This is a 7/8-week virtual evidence-based mind-body-spirit sessions aimed at addressing emotional highs and lows. These sessions are rooted in ancient teachings of yoga philosophy but also modern research in the field of neuropsychology, stress physiology and somatic (mind-body) and cognitive therapy.

The polyvagal theory and somatic yoga and their application in addressing acute stress, trauma and anxiety provide you with knowledge and skills to amplify your innate ability to self soothe


Mindfulness and self compassion themed


Practice  how you relate to yourself through a compassionate lens.   When in distress we tend to self criticize, speak harshly to ourselves or have unrealistic expectations. What if you responded with more kindness, patience, and understanding? What if this actually made you stronger?  Society and our upbringing have influenced our self-talk.


Self-compassion addresses core issues related to feelings of unworthiness, depression and perfectionism. Combining mindfulness with compassion allows a richer dive into an authentic awareness of how you can allow yourself to be softer with yourself and for others. 


 How your nervous system impacts your mental health themed

Together let's learn how your nervous system impacts your communication style to your anxiety level.

You will learn how your nervous system impacts your mood.  Well-being starts with the nervous system.

In these sessions, we explore how your nervous system is unique to you! Learn a fabulous tool to help you get to know how your different nervous system "states" and how each state impacts your thoughts, emotions and your body.  

Learn a practical tool to help you connect with your mind-body system in a healthy compassionate fun way


Book "support" group

Do you love to read self-help books? Or books that explore the deeper meaning of life? I do! :)

If you do please join me in starting my first book support group.

We will meet weekly online.  In each of our online meet-ups, I will briefly discuss the chapter(s) as it applies to mental health or spiritual exploration. Then we will all get to share how it impacted our lives. Maybe we can discuss how you put the principles into your life, maybe share what you discovered about yourself, and how its helped others. 

Please note, this group is not meant to address individual issues usually addressed in counseling, but instead, this will be a safe place where we all share and support each other - I hope it will enrich the teaching from so many great teachers that are available to us!

Book: The Book of Joy - Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams


Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping)

Tapping is based on the combination of Ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.


Also, based on mind-body awareness it is more of an alternative tool.


It consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations.


Research yes has shown this helps calm the nervous system, rewire the brain to respond in healthier ways, and restore the body’s balance of energy.


Tapping works with our midbrain region and our nervous system to help the calming centers regain strength.

My Approach

Knowledge is indeed powerful! I love to educate my clients on how to live their optimal life. I do this differently than the average therapist. Instead of ongoing talk therapy, I offer a focused approach that leads to a specific goal. I offer an educational approach along with a strength counseling approach so you can learn practical skills that can you can begin to apply to your life immediately. My desire is to teach you ways to apply self-compassion, patience, and regulation techniques to help self-heal.    

I offer several themes focused on helping you learn how to manage anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, unworthiness, grief, emotional eating, burn-out, and general life enhancement themed sessions.


I work with individuals 16 and older. At this time I do not offer ongoing couples therapy.  But Couples have found learning self-regulation skills related to their nervous system, aided in improving their communication. 


This is more than ongoing talk therapy per se, you will learn and have an interactive experience, for example, sometimes PowerPoint, videos, education portion, review of your "assignments" and sometimes an activity that enhances the material being presented. *I will review the session topic of the week, we will discuss it as it pertains to your life situation. The more you know, the more you can change!


I use a mind-body-spirit approach.  I combine cognitive mindfulness,  gentle body awareness, self-compassion theory, attachment knowledge, strength-based solutions, and a neurophysiology-based lens to address the complexity of being human. :-)

About me

Hi I'm Christina Spinler, a clinically trained licensed therapist and a  mindfulness life coach and I'm also a certified yoga teacher specializing in trauma-informed yoga.    I am an open-minded and inclusive ethically driven person. My focus is offering foundational skills to help you listen to your inner wisdom and manage the stressors in life related to individuals issues and relationships.  I truly understand the reality of how anxiety and feelings of unworthiness can impact the quality of life!  I  practice everything I teach.  Every day I intentionally apply mindfulness compassion and regulation skills.   This is a practice of living, a pleasant practice, one that allows us to be more consciously aware and less reactive. 

Conscious living


All my sessions are Virtual

Getting Help

Blogposts are for educational purposes only. They should NOT be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or treatment advice. If you are feeling suicidal please go to her nearest ER/Psychiatric Facility. 
The national suicide hotline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

National abuse hotline: 

​**** Please note I am not able to provide crisis services (Tulsa Copes crisis line: 918-744-4800 and national suicide: 1-800-273-8255) as I am an individual outpatient provider with limited resources so I may not see your text or message for maybe 8 hours. If you are feeling suicidal go to your nearest ER/Psychiatric facility or dial 911. 

Outpatient therapy is once weekly counseling, it is a good fit if you are able to function in your day-to-day activities, able to have an acceptable diet, drinking not out of control and no fear of self-harm. If you need more than weekly it may be an important sign that you may need a higher level of care that ethically I can not provide, if you are not able to perform your daily activities,  have suicidal thoughts, not able to control your drinking, not able to maintain enough calories for eating disorders or feel unsafe.

​Intensive outpatient or inpatient care are two other options. Laureate in Tulsa has both options to explore.




Self Esteem







“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.”
― Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance