Outpatient Therapy

Please read if you are interested in outpatient therapy:

1. You are appropriate for outpatient therapy if you are not in a crisis. 2. If you are not suicidal as outpatient is not appropriate. 3. Able to function in your daily life as usual. 4. Drinking or substance use under control 5. Able to eat enough calories to sustain health.  6. No visual or auditory hallucinations.


Otherwise please seek a higher level of care, as inpatient or intensive outpatient services. One place I recommend in Tulsa is Laureate Psychiatric Clinic in Tulsa - In Texas please contact your closest organization for mental health: https://namitexas.org/find-your-local-affiliate-or-start-up-group/


Crisis Support Anywhere: https://988lifeline.org/

Schedule an appointment

--------I will be accepting new clients starting January 2023 ------ please contact me for any questions or to set appointments starting in January.  Thank you.


I counsel individuals 16 and older wanting to manage anxiety, stress, mild/moderate depression,  emotional eating/binge eating, health coaching, support LGBT, grief,  family of origin issues, postpartum mental health, past trauma, mindfulness training, and couples enrichment counseling 

To Schedule:

--------I will be accepting new clients starting January 2023 ------ please contact me for any questions or to set appointments starting in January.  Thank you.


How to Schedule an Individual Session:

Please schedule 3 business days out for  NEW client appointments as I need time to look up your insurance benefits.  You can schedule a  "NEW client session"   in the office or via video office (telehealth).

How to schedule Couples Enrichment Session:

For couples enrichment counseling please schedule a 15-minute meet and greet (its online -video office).    Please, Make sure you have read my page on enrichment counseling for more information.  

In the meet and greet, I can answer any questions and we can decide if enrichment counseling would be helpful for your relationship.  Please schedule a time when both of you are available.  

Meet and greet to answer your questions:

You can choose to schedule a  free VIDEO OFFICE 15-minute meet and greet within a 24-hour window, simply choose Video office appointments for a meet and greet consult.   


Once you send your request I will check my schedule and I will follow up with intake paperwork for new client sessions.  



Please call your insurance as well to know your benefits, see my insurance page for more information. 


I use an encrypted email platform and HIPPA-compliant video counseling platform,  but please note all forms of communication are never 100% secure. I do my best to keep your information secure. If you choose to text me, just know that it is not a secure form of communication. You can choose to text me but please use initials in communications.  

Please note my social media links are public 





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