About Me


Hello! I grew up in Broken Arrow and attended the University of Oklahoma and Texas Woman's University. After graduating from OU I lived in San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX (Lived in Texas for 16 years).


I earned my master’s in counseling and family therapy from Texas Woman’s University. Plus an enormous amount of continuing education and certifications in health, coaching,  polyvagal therapy, neuropsychology,  breathwork, nutrition, yoga, meditation,  trauma training, tapping, heartmath, sand tray and strength-based theories. I am a certified yoga teacher (200 level), mindfulness coach and Trauma-Informed Certified Teacher for Overcome! Anxiety by Sundra Institute.  

​​I am licensed LMFT in Oklahoma and Texas.  Licensed professionals follow strict training and education requirements and a variety of expectations set by the state board.

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Recently we moved back to Tulsa to be closer to our large extended family.  My husband and I have 3 children ages 20, 17 and 7 years old. We are an active family,  busy with homeschooling, hiking,  camping, exploring and traveling!   I love spending my time in psychology training, yoga, nature outings, bird watching, gardening and art activities.  I adore learning and focusing on my own spiritual growth and development.


Growling up  I struggled with an unbalanced amount of anxiety and low self-esteem, as many of us do.  Through my own personal work,  counseling, meditations, spiritual retreats and learning how to manage not just my thoughts and feelings but also developed a deeper understanding of who I am, I began to allow myself to have a gentler, kinder, and more balanced relationship with myself and others.  Life is not about living without sadness, self-esteem concerns or anxiety. That's impossible. It enters my life daily. Yes daily - that's normal. :-)


Instead, it's about learning how to ride the waves of anxiety so you feel confident in your ability to ride them safely to shore.  We are all different. Learning how to ride the waves of life also entails cultivating compassion for yourself and for others so the ride is smoother and enjoyable.  How we ride the wave will be different for each person.  I'm still exploring my spirituality, I'm still working on my self-compassion, I'm still working on my anxiety and guess what, I'm still trying to figure out this thing called life. :-) We never reach this perfect place in life where sadness and anxiety go away.  It's learning how to accept yourself (and others) even though you are struggling.  We all struggle, it's our common humanity. Learning to love ourselves in the midst of our chaos is a mindset. 


It really really is a learned mindset. It may not come naturally in our society, but I encourage you to explore a new mindset - this requires you to gently question your old programming and be open-minded to the possibilities of who you can be.  




Yes, while I enjoy spiritual existential concepts I do not support spiritual bypassing- the tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, avoid research, toxic positivity or psychological wounds. 


I offer a safe space for LGBT and I have a sensitivity and awareness to the prejudices people of color face in our nation, its time to really listen....and I mean listen with our heart and soul to the pain and the experiences faced by minorities if healing can move forward. Intergenerational trauma that continues to impact minorities is a very important issue that needs to be widely discussed in our culture.  


We do not live in a bubble! Our wellness is impacted by the overall system in which we live. We are all impacted by our family of origin, family, society, culture, sexual orientation, and gender. All play a major role in our identity and how we relate to the world around us.  


No amount of anxiety regulation skills will ease the impact of the daily stress caused by racism, gender bias, ageism and chronic trauma in our world - we as a nation need to address the trauma as a society.  This level of healing is deep and systemic and requires lots of inner and outer work. I state this because I am aware learning and practicing skills is only a small fraction of what brings healing into our lives. We are complex beings!   Healing is a complex, messy and wonderful process. I offer one piece of the puzzle, but not the full picture of what is truly necessary for deeper work.     

Common concerns I address in my practice

  • Life Transitions :) we have many in life (becoming a parent, moving away from home, empty nest)

  • I specialize in the age group 16-30 years old.   It helps I have well lived through the experiences of this special time in life and came through it stronger (most days lol!) - and I have children in this age group.  It's such a period of intense personal growth and with growth comes many opportunities for challenges that can feel very overwhelming and exciting at the same time! 

  • General universal understanding of spiritual awareness as it applies to mental health and its existential meaning

  • Managing generalized anxiety and finding ways to practice awareness, compassion and regulation of the anxious temperament.

  • Understanding how one's family of origin has impacted one's way of thinking and beliefs we hold about ourselves and how to move forward - as well as cultural impact.

  • Relationship skills that will help you take more responsibility for your own feelings and actions to enrich your current relationship. Enrichment is the keyword, as many times relationships need an abundant amount of trauma repair due to affairs, high conflict and deep resentment. If you need this level of repair (ex thinking about divorce) I recommend someone who specializes in this particular area, as it is not my expertise:  www.aamft .org

  • Living with grief and having a safe place to be open about your journey through grief

Important notes:


See you soon online!