About Me


Hello! I grew up in Broken Arrow and attended the University of Oklahoma and Texas Woman's University. After graduating from OU I lived in San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX (Lived in Texas for 16 years).


I earned my master’s in counseling and family therapy from Texas Woman’s University. Plus an enormous amount of continuing education and certifications in health, coaching,  polyvagal therapy, neuropsychology,  breathwork, nutrition, yoga, meditation,  trauma training, tapping, heartmath, sand tray and strength-based theories. I am a certified yoga teacher (200 level), mindfulness coach and Trauma-Informed Certified Teacher for Overcome! Anxiety by Sundra Institute.  I am a certified YogaMedCo Integrative Health Coach.

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Recently we moved back to Tulsa to be closer to our large extended family.  My husband and I have 3 children ages 21, 18 and 8 years old. We are an active family,  busy with homeschooling, hiking,  RV camping, exploring and traveling!    

My passion is helping people live a conscious center life.  I have personally done an extensive amount of personal work in my life as well, so I  practice what I teach on a daily basis, which benefits my clients directly.  I do understand what is like to live with anxiety and low self-esteem.   Through my own personal work,  counseling, meditations, spiritual retreats, and learning how to manage not just my thoughts and feelings but also develop a deeper understanding of who I am, I began to allow myself to have a gentler, kinder, and more balanced relationship with myself and others.  Life is not about living without sadness, self-esteem concerns or anxiety. That's impossible, anxiety is a normal part of living. 


Instead, it's about learning how to ride the waves of anxiety so you feel confident in your ability to ride them safely to shore.  We are all different. Learning how to ride the waves of life also entails cultivating compassion for yourself and for others so the ride is smoother and more enjoyable.  How we ride the wave will be different for each person.  I'm still exploring my purpose, I'm still working on my self-compassion, I'm still working on my anxiety and guess what, I'm still trying to figure out this thing called life. :-) We never reach this perfect place in life where sadness and anxiety go away.  It's learning how to accept yourself (and others) even though you are struggling.  We all struggle, it's our common humanity. Learning to love ourselves in the midst of our chaos is a journey of acceptance.

Yes, while I enjoy general eastern spiritual ideas and deep philosophical existential concepts I do not support spiritual bypassing- the tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, avoid research, toxic positivity or psychological wounds. 

I offer a safe space for LGBTQ and I have a sensitivity and awareness to the prejudices people of color face in our nation.  We do not live in a bubble! Our wellness is impacted by the overall system in which we live. We are all impacted by our family of origin, current family, society, culture, sexual orientation, and gender. All play a major role in our identity and how we relate to the world around us.


I understand finding a counselor is personal and you want to find someone that fits your personality and your goals for therapy.  It is a professional relationship that requires you to be vulnerable and honest, so I am open to any questions you feel you need to ask about me in order to feel comfortable. 

  • I specialize in life transitions, grief, postpartum concerns, enriching communication between individuals, spiritual exploration, family of origin issues, managing past trauma, acute stress, emotional eating, binge eating,  body confidence, mindful eating, general wellness, anxiety, stress, compassion fatigue, counseling other counselors and health professionals.  

  • I am very open-minded to all religious and non-religious belief systems. I think it is important to incorporate your spiritual practice into counseling. Personally, I'm spiritual (not religious per se) which I think allows me to be open to all beliefs, so if you enjoy adding your spiritual beliefs to our conversations please let me know. 

  • I do teach in some of our sessions.  I teach the "why" of how mindfulness changes your brain functioning or how our nervous system responses impacts your mental health, and even what you eat impacts your mind.  Depending on your goals, I can teach you more than just simple coping skills but practical tools that help soothe your mind/body.  The goal is to give you the tools to work independently and not need counseling for years. :-)   

  • Clients that tend to work really well with me say I am relatable, very down-to-earth, curious, authentic, and empathic.  I find incorporating healthy humor with lightness adds to reducing shame and increases ease of mind.

  • I strongly encourage you to practice the techniques I teach you in between our sessions.  Sometimes I will give you a "practice" to do in between our sessions.  One secret, change occurs in-between sessions and not always in session. :-) 

  • I operate my counseling practice part-time but I have lots of available hours that I can see clients from 7am-7pm.  I also have morning appointments available on the weekends.    Please go to the schedule tab.


Important notes:


I offer online telehealth sessions. I am in my Tulsa office about three times a week. Please see my office page for more information.