Fees and Insurance

Yes, I accept United Health Care,  Blue Cross Blue Shields, Aetna, Cigna and Healthchoice. This page will tell you what you need to know about your insurance.  It's best to be familiar with your own plan, so you have no surprise costs.


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Billing Insurance


In order to use your insurance, you have to meet a mental diagnosis  (deemed medically necessary), which is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5)  If you're curious about the list of psychological billable diagnoses click on the button above the photo.  We can discuss this in our first session. 


If you have insurance, the cost will vary depending on your plan.  You may still have to pay your insurance contracted rate (the insurance company sets the session fee usually $70-104) because most plans require you to meet your deductible before your benefits will be applied.  Then the copay amount will be based on your plan.  On average the copay is about $20-40   after deductible- if that needs to be met first.  Please call the number on your card to ask about your deductible and copay. 

How Insurance works

I will check your policy online - though online shows me very limited info

  • Online it may or may not tell me if you have to meet your deductible first,  I have to bill the insurance first. 

  • This means if I was only collecting your co-pay at each session (and you have to meet your deductible before you can just pay your co-pay) then I will have to bill you the difference between the co-pay you paid and the contract rate for each session

    • For example, if you end up having to meet the deductible first and we thought it was just the copay,  say your co-pay is $30 and you have BCBS then you will owe an additional $62 for each past session where I just took your co-pay. 

    • BUT not all plans require you to meet your deductible first for mental health. 

    • I will get the payment information from the insurance provider in 2-4 weeks, so we may have had 2-3 sessions before we know about your deductible, so you can see it can add up -




It is best if you call the number on the back of your card and speak to the customer representative. You ask them if you have to meet your deductible first before your benefits apply and then what is your co-pay.   

If you have to meet your deductible first, I will let you know the contracted rate from your insurance company, which is set by the insurance provider and not myself ($70-$125 per hour).