Please note this page is "under construction" but for now I'm simply getting the information online.  :-)

Book Themed Sessions!!

Do you love to read self-help books? Or books that explore the deeper meaning of life? I do! :)

Recommend one to me!

We can center our sessions around a book you have found incredibly helpful - or I can recommend a few for us to explore!  I know many!


When we meet, we can briefly discuss what we read, share our ideas and then practice the principles from the book to your life. If you like more accountability and structure this is an excellent way to apply what you learn from a book to your life!  I know I've read many books and then realize I'm not actually applying anything I just learned. So easy to do that. We are creatures of habit. So to change a habit it's helpful to have motivational support. 


I'm reading: The Book of Joy - Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams