Overcome! Anxiety Clinic groups and 1:1 experience









Education, Education is the main focus of the overcome anxiety clinic.  Even though it is taught in a group setting (but also offered 1:1 too), this is a personal experience.


The information given in each meeting is intended to be worked through in between sessions. A daily commitment is required to defeat anxiety – it is not a quick fix because you learn techniques to regulate your mind body and spirit by learning about your nervous system and other somatic-based techniques to reprogram habits of being and thinking. 

I provide you with a workbook ($29), a booklet with educational support information if you want to dig in deeper, audio recordings with guided practices, sequence sheets, and a self-regulation toolbox to help you uncover your inner power and gain control over a runaway nervous system. 


You will be introduced to a neuropsychological explanation of triggers, what is happening internally when triggered, and the process of reprogramming our responses to get rid of triggers.  Conscious use of self-regulation tools is taught to begin to break the cycle of physical stress.

--- You will have ONLINE access to the videos and information! You don't have to buy the book but it's highly recommended.






































Group Sessions or

Session 1

  • Introduction to the program

  • What is dysregulation

  • What is REactions

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Introduction to Breathwork

  • Gentle yoga movement 

  • Learn self-regulation techniques

  • Review weekly MAP it opportunities

Session 2

  • Overview of your nervous system and relates to your emotions

  • Introduction to yoga concepts

  • Basic review of how the brain  operates in a stress response

  • False alarms in our nervous system and errors

  • Activation and deactivation of dysregulation

  • Learn self-regulation skills

  • Time for yoga movement

  • Breathwork and meditation

  • Review the previous week you practiced

Session 4

  • Importance of self-efficacy

  • Use of Imagery and Meditation

  • Use of Mudras

  • Meditation of Consciousness

  • Breathwork

  • Gentle yoga movement: balance

  • Healthy Inputs

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Review previous week's work

Session 5

  • Cognitive Thoughts

  • The connection between belief systems and behavior

  • How to focus on solutions

  • How to practice some self-compassion

  • Meditation of Metta Kindness

  • Breathwork

  • Review previous week's work

Session 6

  • Review session 5 cognitive distortions

  • How to use Affirmations and tapping

  • Locus of Control

  • Continue to address Compassion

  • Mediation of Consciousness

  • Breathwork

  • Gentle Yoga movement

  • Reflection on what you have discovered about yourself

Session 3

  • Class on Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Review all the self-regulation techniques learned so far

  • Answer questions on all the material 

  • Review how to apply nervous system knowledge to your daily life

  • To ensure learning, I have included 2 extra classes to cover questions (session 3 and optional session 8). 

Session 7

  • Discuss the different yoga Koshas and discuss how this model impacts your overall well being

  • The physical body

  • Energy or breath body

  • The psycho-emotional mind-stuff

  • Innate wisdom

  • Spirit  or bliss body

  • Meditation

  • Gentle Yoga Movement

  • Breathwork

  • Review previous week's map-its

Private 1:1 Overcome! Clinic
This class can be offered to couples, groups or on an individual basis! 

Yoga Session

Opening groups are starting. I need at least 3 people to form a group. Private sessions start anytime.  

The main focus of this virtual 7-week class is to provide you with an education that includes a step-by-step process to create your own self-healing program.

Program developed by Sundara Yoga Institute. 

You will also receive a link to a recording of new weekly meditations, breathwork and gentle yoga flow set - as well as PDF with all the info.  

In the private class you will receive a recording of the yoga flow as stated above but we will not be doing yoga live in our session. 

What to expect

- PowerPoint presentations as a visual aid
​- Videos
- Live gentle simple yoga movements
- Learn about tapping (emotional freedom technique)
- Breathing Exercises
- Meditations/Guided Relaxation exercises
- Education and more Education on how to regulate anxiety
- Learn how to manage stress, anxiety and worry
- Empower your own self-healing 

With effort and commitment, you can expect:

  • Improvement in physical symptoms;

  • Increased understanding of why you react the way you do and what's going on in your body when you react;

  • Increase ability to emotionally, physically and   regulate your reaction to stressors; and,

  • Improved ability to "bounce back" (build resilience) from challenges and difficulties.

Time for the group class:

Classes around 1.5 hours  (give or take 10 minutes)

 (I need at least 3 people).  

I can adjust the days and times if you create your own group of 3 people.

Please use the contact form below to enroll  

Group Cost:

 $225 for all 7-8 classes - That is $32 per class.


You can pay for the 7-8 weeks in two payments of $112 ($112 when signing up and again at the 5-week period) or $225 for the full 7 classes. 


Please attend all 7 weeks. Due to privacy, I can not record the sessions.

$29 for the manual - (I'll give you the link to order it online)


This class can be offered to couples or on an individual basis! 

1:1 Individual cost for private sessions

Insurance may be accepted if meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis in DSM-V.  The cost will vary on your deductible/copay.


I explain in detail on my insurance and fees page.