Calm your state

Our nervous system needs us to relax. We can overwork our system to the point of what is referred to as dorsal collapse. Our nervous system is constantly scanning our environment for cues of safety or danger. Stress is a danger. The body with chronic stress will be in a sympathetic state. Being in this state is normal and healthy for shorts periods of time. But chronic stress and trauma get us stuck. In order to get our automatic nervous system to put on the break to sympathetic, we need to activate the ventral vagus - ONE way is chillin! Rest! Rest! Rest! Reset your nervous system so it’s toned and happy. Having a happy and healthy vagus is essential to mental and physical health. I teach a 4-5 part class (or individual) on how to understand your nervous system and what’s helpful for you. Education about how we operate allows us more ways to change and live an optimal life

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