So Yes, conscious awareness is a vital 1st step. Learning to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings and our body allows for a greater attunement to ourselves in each moment. With this mindfulness we are able to make choices -Without awareness it is difficult to chose a different path (thought, action, feeling, belief). Awareness is similar to taking a pause....

Action is the 2nd step. Asking okay....I notice (fill in the blank).....who do I want to be in this next moment? Ahhh this is hard, yes.

Daily Action, consistency and belief in yourself to stay committed to your progress is the secret that creates lasting changes in your life. The more you stay committed to yourself the easier this process becomes over time. Neurologically you are reprogramming your mind!

Conscious awareness + Action + Compassion

What do you need to be consciously aware of? What actions do you need to take? Right, those are questions I would ask. Of course, I can not answer those questions in a blog post, as its very personal for each person. Plus, I do know for a fact this is not something that is easy to do daily - some days we are a rock star and other days we're happy that we got out of bed. So, allow yourself to make mistakes! This is the co

mpassion part. We are going to miss more opportunities to practice conscious change than actually noticing it! This is normal. If you catch yourself repeating an old unhelpful pattern (or feeling hate) just once in your day you are making change! Acknowledge that happily!!

Here is a video I enjoyed! Explains a little bit about how we can train our minds to be aware of the moment to reduce anxiety:

jill bolte taylor 90 second rule - link to the video

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