There is so much research finding what you EAT impacts your mental health GREATLY!!!

If you have depression and/or anxiety or live a stressful life - I highly suggest you educate yourself on this topic. I've added a few TED videos for you to start. I suggest investing your time to learn as much as you can! Get books! Your gut impacts your mood and overall health.

General knowledge that's out there...can tell you If you want to feel better -one would find it beneficial to focus on the food you eat as whole foods, (certain helpful supplements), manage your stress (yoga, increase joyful activities, manage your time, have boundaries), limit alcohol, learn breathing techniques, exercise and learn mindfulness/CBT techniques. BUT research is continuing to show us that what you put inside your body is VITAL for your mental health. I recently read this article on anxiety and gut health: Genetic Contribution to Anxiety Is Partially Mediated by Gut Microbiome

Please do not look to this information for medical advice - we are all different on our needs and situations and may not apply to you.

Information on this channel is strictly for information educational use and is not medical advice. See professionals who are knowledgeable in this area.

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