I have a new website

Updated: May 16, 2021

My previous website/blog had a year of blog posts! Now, I am in the process of figuring out how to migrate them all over to my new blog website. You know, I'm my own marketing expert (which I am not lol), own billing specialist, office manager and website designer. They are not kidding when they say running your own practice is similar to working 2 full-time jobs! I do what I can. :-) Part of this is practicing what I teach. I apply a lot of the regulation and self-compassion message to myself daily! I address my stress, worries and doubts daily.

I adventured out on a different path. I decided to focus on a teaching method instead of a pure counseling approach. I find that it fits my personality and my personal mission which allows me to continue to have passion for what I do! We all need passion in our life. What is your passion? It does not have to be your career. In fact, it can be anything that brings you a sense of purpose and meaning. I think we have to be brave and loving to ourselves to allow ourselves to ask ourselves this question.

In my own journey, I love applying my approach to everyday situations, so when I feel myself doubting myself I soften my approach and ask "what do I need" and "how can I bring kindness to this situation" as I ask myself these questions it helps lessen my resistance to change and allows my entire nervous system and mind to become calmer so I am able to address the situation. I have been practicing mindful compassionate awareness for a few years and its taken LOTS of INTENTIONAL DAILY practice. For most of my younger years I was incredibly harsh towards myself (and didn't even realize how much), I seemed to have this idea that if I criticize and harshly hold myself accountable then somehow I can hate myself into change. Pay attention to your words, you might surprise yourself. BUT, this criticizing voice just created anxiety, I may have gotten through a workout, written a paper, completed a task, but at what cost to my own mental health? I can accomplish more if I am less overwhelmed and stressed! You Too! Plus, of course, have a more peaceful life! Well, back to working on my website. One step at a time.

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