I like to use everyday events as learning opportunities. Yesterday, I was looking for the cheese in the refrigerator. I looked for a good 5 minutes, for that darn cheese!! I go to my son, I guess we're out, it not in here! My son of course reaches over me and grabs the container and of course it was located right in front of my face....the shelf literally at my eye level.

Now, why did I not see it? Easy. In my mind I THOUGHT I knew what the container the cheese was in, I thought it was in the green container with the heavy flip down sides. I was looking for that "green container" - we tend to only see what we want to see. When we think we are right we don't even think we could be wrong. Its a very normal HUMAN behavior. Very normal. But it was a good reminder, that just because I think something doesn't mean its true. I can remember to ask myself:

What am I missing? What else could be true about this situation?

We do this all the time to ourselves. We limit our ability to change because we're fixated on how it "should" look. We many miss opportunities for change when we're limited by our own thinking. I've noticed and I'm sure you have too....that people don't like to be wrong. Of course I am curious about that??

Why does it feel wrong to be wrong sometimes? What would happen if I allowed myself to be wrong? What if I allowed myself to think huh....maybe there is many ways to look at this situation and myself?

​What can you let go of that will allow new possibilities?? New hope?

​Life is about the questions we ask.

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