There are many types of meditations. The loving kindness meditation is a guided meditation that has been proven to change how you experience compassion for yourself and for others. Please read the research below if you need convincing or just try it yourself. Here is that excellent article written by Emma Seppala: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/feeling-it/201409/18-science-backed-reasons-try-loving-kindness-meditation (links to the research)

Loving-Kindness Meditation focuses on developing feelings of goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others. Benefits: increase in own compassion, lowered critical thinking, increased immunity health, increase in joy, increase emotional intelligence, reduced depression, increase vagal tone, reduce some pain, increase grey matter in brain, slow aging, increases helping behaviors and social connection. Then key was to practice it daily for at least 10 minutes....studies found the longer one practiced (longer in days, months, years) the more positive the effect.

Here is basic self version of this wonderful meditation

Four Phrases

1. May _____ be happy

2. May ______ be healthy

3. May _______ be safe

4. May _______ love and be loved

1. For yourself

Always start with yourself. Recite the following phrases at a pace that keeps you focused and alert. You will put "I" in the blank. May I be happy....etc..

2. To a loved one

Someone whom you love dearly, a partner, child, family member, friend. You will put your loved one's name in the blank.

3. To a benefactor

Some who supports you, who has been a teacher, a colleague or a mentor. You will put their name in the blank.

4. To someone you do not know but cross paths consistently

Someone you may see daily or weekly but do not have a relationship with them personally, but you both want the same think in life, to feel and give love. Examples may be clerks you see when you check out, mail delivery person, grooms your dog, neighbor, colleague, particular population etc...

5. To someone you struggle to have a positive relationship

Someone in your life that is a struggle to have positive feelings towards, but please pace to your tolerable level (not someone that triggers trauma). ​

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