National Suicide Prevention Week

1800-273-8255 Hotline or Text to talk 741741

National Suicide Prevention Week (ends today). Public education is vital - as anyone can impact a life. I attended a 2-day suicide prevention conference. I'm posting information for you all. Interesting to note, suicide rates significantly decreased in 2020 except for Black Americans, for whom it actually went up. The highest rates are in Native Americans, Middle Aged Males, Veterans and LGBT individuals. It is the second leading cause of death among youth (ages 10-34) (accidents are the first). Doctors/Police/EMTs are also a very high-risk category, as well as farmworkers and those in construction trades (depends on the study).

Firearms accounted for 50.39% of all suicide deaths (I'd love to see training on how to address this issue), high in youth and middle age males. If you hear your loved one speak about wanting to die, ask them if they have a gun. If they do, ask if you can keep it for a short period. Research shows if you reduce access to a gun during a crisis you will save a life. I'm not being freaking political here....just trying to save lives - so please respect this conversation and stay on topic about suicide. The same goes for medication. If someone you love mentions wanting to die (read the resources below too) ask if they have medication - many people will store up their medication and overdose - so again ask if you can give them want they need each day (take the bottles) - reduce the means.

On average, there are 130 suicides per day. 1.3 million attempts a year. We all can help. 1st seek to understand and not judge. Educate yourself....I list the resources below to get you started.

Compassion - Empathy - Not your judgment or opinion about your beliefs or views on the matter - sorry, your intention is to be helpful, but its not helpful, what is helpful..... listening to understand not to argue or preach your beliefs. Yes, I'm being very DIRECT right now.


What to say to someone who is Suicidal:

Statistics Information: Plus a good website

What NOT to say - Please never shame anyone or judge them - you do not live their life. --


The Trevor Project for LGBT - Please never minimize what its like to be LBGT in this world. this really good music video that has saved lives

Assessment: Columbia Protocol

Risk factors

Good App:

Last but not least!! -- Kevin Hines!!

His documentary is awesome

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