Our minds are like a garden

This flower is from my garden, and my garden takes lots of care. When I care for my garden I do reflect on what I need to "weed" from my own mind! As for weeding it's a constant process.... it really is a daily process - its learning how to be consciously aware of what we can weed from belief systems that hold us back. Take care to pay attention to what you are watering- are you watering what serves you best? Or watering weeds? We have to clip the old-growth so there is room for new growth. Too often we feel we can't weed our thoughts, or because it takes take so much conscious daily effort that we must be doing it wrong and we give up! The fact is...our mind is like a garden, we do have to do it daily and often. You're doing it right, just keep doing it - learn to enjoy the process. Yes....that's the tricky part, isn't it? Enjoying the process. The key is to practice a different way of being....this way of being is learning to be more "curious" of your thoughts vs judging yourself so harshly.....a curious stance allows flexibility and ease in your day - instead of yelling or as in this metaphor here, instead of forcefully pulling out the weeds you allow a sense of ease in the present moment - I don't have to weed my whole garden in one day! I can do it in sections, take my time and enjoy the present moment while I weed my garden (notice the bugs, the feel of the soil, the scent of my flowers etc..). It makes a big difference in how I weed my garden!

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