“The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry is from “Poetry Films” series, which features animated interpretations of beloved poems. The Peace of Wild Things is essentially a message of hope from a troubled speaker who is perturbed by the goings on in the world, who fears for the future safety of his family. To alleviate this anxiety he seeks the solace of nature. He cannot sleep because of this gnawing insecurity and goes out to get some peace. - https://owlcation.com/

I think we all can relate to the desire of searching for peace in a chaotic uncertain world. Nature can be one way to find it in our lives. Of course there are many ways. I thought the poem showed how we all have so much in common. It is our awareness of collective consciousness that will allow us to grow stronger.​

Also, poems speaks to our right brain. Our right brain is an important aspect in our healing. Write, read and create poems to help you reach an level of new healing. New healing is allowed when we allow ourselves to feel deeply what we need to feel without self judgment. Writing and reading poem allows us to explore our feelings in a way that can open our psychic to new understandings.


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