You may hear me speak often about affirmations. The research is showing us the importance of repetition in creating change. Example, many times I will tell my clients the importance of practicing what we talk about in our sessions on a daily basis (taking notes during our sessions is a must!) if they desire change in their current state. Just think if you have 10-20 negative self messages a day (how many do you tell yourself a day??) x times that by 365 days and x times that by how long you've been alive!! That equals hundreds of thousands of messages that need to be rewritten in your body. It takes patience and repetition. It takes not giving up on yourself.

Remember, your memories are not just stored in your brain.....they are stored all over your body (body memory or cellular memory). To rewrite your stories its important to reach your unconscious which controls 90% of your behavior, how you ask....well art, music, movement, singing, journaling, letter writing, energy psychology and guided meditations are just a few ways that help reprogram the memory we have stored in our bodies.

I had a friend send me this YouTube video. It reminded me that we can SING our affirmations vs. simply stating them (I suggest using affirmations when you have a false story of who you are pop up....sing what you know to be true to help begin to rewire your brain/body - even if you don't believe it yet!).

This song is very simple and repeats often " There is only love"

Similar to repeating an affirmation - sing it instead

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