Sleep = Mental Health

I don't think it's any secret that sleep is vital for our mental health and physical health. Its one of my favorite topics to research and learn.

One of the first things we can do is educate ourselves. Below are 2 links I have enjoyed.

Helpful podcasts on sleep:

Dr. Dora Vora, offers a quick info page on sleep, plus classes and resources on her website on sleep: (she recently was on the genius life podcast -see below) and Dr. Roger Seheult on the genius life podcast:

We live in a world that is not adapted to how our bodies naturally function (and we wonder why we are all anxious, depressed and can't sleep). We have to remember we do live in a body that evolved to live in a completely different time, so it's vital we remember this simple fact. Much of the information I absorb, state simple things (but not so simple to do in our current society), eat REAL whole-food-based diet at the right times, be in nature as its natural healing, sleep on a healthy cycle, get the right amount of sunlight (see the podcasts and link above - I own a lightbox myself), increase social support, move more and practice gratitude and grace for self and others (reduce the habit of judging self and others). As all of these impact our nervous system!

Though, living our daily life that is natural to our evolution is a challenge. Yes. But think about what you CAN do. Can you get sunlight for 5 minutes in the morning? Can you move your body 3x a day for 10 minutes? Can you change one food habit and replace it with a healthy one (just one?), can you stop for 1 minute a day and just focus on a positive thought or image? I think we tend to feel overwhelmed and we collapse into a feeling of "why bother" it won't matter mindset. Or we FORGET! All of this is information to us - This is why lifestyle is usually the first place to start. Be curious about why your actions do not align with your desires. Simply start by being curious about that fact (be careful to watch for shame, so have an open-minded mindset and be curious) - First step. I would journal this for a few days. We have to be aware of where we are now, to continue to make conscious changes.

Tip: Don't wait for motivation to make changes, you won't find it. To find the motivation you need action. I see people saying to me "I just don't feel motivated!" Then I ask " what is one thing you can do in the next 30 minutes that would help you feel motivated just a tiny bit?" They say to me...but you're not listening Christina, I don't feel motivated. Ahhhh....I say, "I'm listening but you're waiting. If you're waiting to feel motivated you will always be waiting." Do one SMALL action. Motivation follows energy. If you want to move more, but don't feel motivated, just stand up and shake (yes I wrote shake lol) your body and shake the stress out. Next, maybe you'll feel like dancing a little bit...(I don't know maybe) or move around your room in a fun or silly way.

I didn't wait to feel motivated to write a blog (which takes energy, inspiration and time!), This morning I opened up my editor for creating a blog (then had a green tea), next I listened to a podcast, found resources, and just did one paragraph....etc...

Just get in the game.....

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