I first heard this saying "This too shall pass" from my professor. My professor was discussing how to increase our anxiety box. The anxiety box is what you can manage. He stated if one desired to increase their ability to manage anxiety one needs to learn how to grow their anxiety box. The bigger the box the more anxiety one could manage.

"This too shall pass" is a simple affirmative statement that reminds us that the anxiety we are experiencing in this present moment will pass. Even, as I write this blog during the coronavirus pandemic... "This too shall pass" and yes this will help us grown our own anxiety box during this time (if we like it or not lol). The best way to grow our anxiety box is to face what we try to avoid. Now, I do not mean putting your mental or physical safety at risk! I mean growing your ability to manage anxiety comes through facing it and getting to the other side of the experience.

My professor asked our class "So, who feels anxious going out to eat at a restaurant by themselves - and no you can not read a book" (or today would say be on your phone). Over half the class raised their hands. He said "great" for those that have your hands raised, your assignment this week is go to a nice restaurant (not fast food) and eat a meal by yourself with no distractions and write a process paper on the experience". This was a safe "anxious" situation that allowed us to practice sitting in our anxiety and growing it through until we reached the end of the experiment. My professor asked us to do so many "safe" anxiety inducing tasks throughout the semester. It was a very long anxiety provoking semester. :) Now, I look back and laugh at the experience. I can laugh, because many of those tasks would no longer increase my anxiety. My anxiety box has grown. But if I had not "practiced" managing my anxiety in those moment I bet I would still find those situations anxious. Its helpful to remind ourselves that "This too shall pass" and in the process of facing the anxiety our confidence naturally grows.

I know right now we all feel anxious due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. But what can we do today that will be helpful? I think this will be another post.

Long Breath in while counting to 10......hold.....long slow exhale to the count of 10. rest. Repeat 6 times.

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