What a Mindful Walk

During any times of uncertainty, its important to ground yourself to want is certain. My daughter and I took a mindfulness walk today in our neighborhood to ground ourselves to what is around us.

A mindful walk just simply means walking with no goal or intention. The only intention is to be present to what is unfolding on the walk. It helps to focus on your senses and simple notice what is around you - what you see, feel, hear and smell. Focus on one sense at a time.

As you walk take long deep breaths. Feel how the ground feels against your feet. Notice the rebirth of spring all around you. Listen to the birds, cars, children, neighbors and other nature sounds.

Mindful walks is an opportunity to guide ourselves out of the distracted autopilot we live in throughout so much of our day. It grounds us to the present. The present moment can ground us to calming our anxiety.

Present moment is awareness of what is. Its not the thoughts or feelings in your mind, its a feeling of being in neutral. Its simple noticing without judgement of the moment.

Give yourself a break from time traveling to the past or future and take a mindful walk today.

Photos: My daughter's and I walk in our neighborhood. This is a Creek in our neighborhood where we found some lovely shells! On the way to the creek we noticed nature around us.

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