What was that?

Remember I went to the zoo - so I’ll be using the animals as our teachers. We have a habit of just accepting our harsh inner voice….but we would be appalled If someone else talked to us in the way we talk to ourselves! We seem to be under the impression that we need to hate ourselves into change - often we have this automatic way of thinking that if we are a bit meaner with ourselves then we might just change?? But can we be kind and also disciplined at the same time? We don’t have to be self-abusive in order to create positive change. You wouldn’t allow someone to talk to yourself the way you do (at times) and probably unlikely that’s how you would motivate others to change. So pay attention to your inner dialogue and consciously choose a firm and kinder voice. You will find it’s a habit - to create a new habit takes conscious awareness to do so and lots of patience for yourself…our way of thinking (habits) is pretty ingrained so to undo it will take time so please please be kind.

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