Creative solutions for counseling services! 

Therapy services need to be adaptive! 

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Counseling Fee

I have noticed over the years, that many of my clients really never reached their deductible in order to use their insurance benefits.  Plus, the red tape and limitations of insurance can hinder the counseling services I think are most effective! 

Though, personally, I wanted my private practice to be affordable (the average therapist is $130-175 a session) while also allowing myself to stay in "business" so I can remain in service to my community.   


Many times we may associate our worth with money.  But I like to assure my clients, that I may be a little bit more affordable but I do have 16 years of experience and an abundance amount of training in health coaching, energy psychology, trauma, yoga and positive uplifting psychology methods.  

I have also chosen to stay online to reduce my overhead and remain more affordable. Simply put,  my goal at this stage in my life is to be of service.  

Now, I still realize counseling is expensive. I can recommend some great community services, university centers and non-profit agencies in your area. 

Supportive Interactive Plan

  •  60 minutes session

  • Support throughout your week exchange messages via the online portal - its not real-time messaging, but login in anytime  (doesn't require scheduling - as email) and write or respond to me - I check the system about twice a week.

  • Once a month receive a video covering points we discussed in our sessions, or a recording of guided meditation,  emotional regulation skills,   EFT support (as setup statements), or a psychology article with my notes that pertain to you.

  • Exciting News! Starting in August I will offer Safe and sound protocol.  Visit this page to learn more! More details soon.

  •  $90 a session  

Add on services:

  • Safe and Sound Protocol - click link for more info

  • Support  via exchange messages via the online portal - its not real time messaging, but login in anytime  (doesn't require scheduling - as email) and write or respond to me - I check the system about twice a week.

  • Personalized education related to your needs. Common examples included guided meditations, EFT scripts,  yoga movements and breathwork exercises.  Format: Audio voice, video or PDF

Blooming Garden

Reduce stress and anxiety through private classes

Get up and running quickly with my class.   I have some wonderful information I can teach you that gets you quickly informed on how you can begin to reduce your anxiety.  

  • Private 1:1 classes offered online

  • Class occurs over 2-4 weeks

  • Six sessions total

  • 45-  minutes  

  • Cost: $400 (couples or families may join!)

Please note, you can choose to see me 2-3x a week or maybe you would like to meet daily.  I have a total of 6 classes to offer you may choose how many to use in the 2-4 week period. The classes are taught around Polyvagal (nervous system), breathwork (evidence-based),  neuroscience you can use, gentle yoga, anxiety reduction mindfulness skills and self-compassion meditations. Please inquire for more information.  I try to adapt the class to your situation. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) classes

I have an introduction class to get started with using basic EFT!

  •  I am currently creating a video you can download and purchase.