Foggy Forest

My approach

Below is a general overview of how I approach our work together.  I have been a therapist for over 15 years and I have learned that only talking about the problem is usually not sufficient in decreasing anxiety or overwhelm.  I dove deeply into finding a solution to this problem.   I began to educate myself on evidence-based modalities that addressed anxiety from a holistic integrative perspective that resulted in a  more comprehensive treatment. 

I am a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher, and certified mindfulness teacher,  in the process of working on my clinical  EFT certification (aka tapping) with ACEP and I am a certified YogaMedCo Integrative Health Coach,  I apply polyvagal theory (nervous system regulation), because our mental state follows our physical state, as anxiety affects our body as much as our mind.  I use a combination of ventral vagus embodied yoga with polyvagal knowledge to fully address anxiety.  This summer I'm enrolled in a year-long program for self-compassion meditation training at Nalanda Institute.  Though, I've personally been a meditation self-compassion student for decades.   


Please note: If you are in a crisis,  suicidal thoughts or uncontrolled racing thoughts - then outpatient therapy is not warranted.   When someone is in a crisis state it's hard to take in information. You may need a higher level of care as intensive outpatient or inpatient until you feel stable.   It's important we always put a sense of safety first. I can give you resources! 

Intake - get to know you!

In the 1st and 2nd sessions, we will explore your concerns, current situation, and your goals. We can explore how your family and social systems impact your overall mental health. These first 2 sessions will help us get comfortable working together and build a comfortable rapport. 

Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping)

For those that are interested in EFT/tapping....(After about 3-5 sessions I introduce EFT   EFT Tapping is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  Each session we will check in with where you are on your ladder of regulation and then I use EFT as one of my main tools for further regulating your ability to manage anxiety and overwhelm.   Clinical EFT is a very specific process (can address very specific issues and habits) that addresses the root causes of your anxiety while tapping on acupuncture points. It's very well researched.   Learn more on my EFT page. 

Health Behaviors

Holistic health coaching uses an integrative approach to diet and lifestyle changes to improve one's health.   The aim is to guide individuals toward an overall healthier life. The practice of health education within a coaching framework and context enhances wellbeing and facilitates the realization of health-related goals    I address issues related to emotional eating and binge eating.  EFT is excellent for binge and emotional eating.   I don't tell you to want or how to eat but explore behaviors related to habits.  

Mapping your Nervous System

After the intake,  the next several sessions we will get to know your nervous system. I will educate you on how your nervous system is impacting your anxiety. We will map out this together (by discussing your different states)  - we will be creating your own ladder or spectrum of your different states so we know how to specially address your unique body.    Please see this page for more explanation.  


Learn more from Deb Dana's Website

Mindfulness Compassion

Throughout each session, we will address self-compassion and mindfulness.  I explain exactly what I mean by being mindfully compassionate.  I  tie this into our natural conversation where we co-create a new story about yourself.  If you are interested I can give you mindfulness compassion exercises throughout the week.  Learning how to accept yourself  (having a kind inner monologue) is one of the most important elements in creating a peaceful life.   In Fall 2022 I will offer meditation groups online. 

Gentle Mindfulness Yoga

I can teach you throughout our sessions how to incorporate gentle yoga for stress/anxiety/trauma management. I do have a 7-8 week class we can do together online at any time. I am certified via the Sundra Foundation and I teach their program. You can visit this page to learn more.